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Perforated films,  © ERDE
Perforated films, © ERDE

RIGK / 06 May 2021
Nationwide collection of used perforated film starts in 2021 / ERDE expands service further

Press release / (Bad Homburg) The IK initiative ERDE (Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland: www.erde-recycling.de) will begin collecting perforated films nationwide starting this year. The films used in particular for the cultivation of special crops like strawberries, lettuce or early potatoes can be returned.. » read more

DLG-Feldtage, © DLG
DLG-Feldtage, © DLG

DLG / 23 March 2021
DLG-Feldtage 2021 exhibition to be cancelled due to pandemic

Press release / (Frankfurt am Main) Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the corona pandemic and the current lack of official approval to hold the event, the DLG-Feldtage exhibition scheduled for 2021 must be cancelled. The decision was made following in-depth discussions between the organizer DLG (German Agricultural Society).. » read more

asparagus field, © ballensilage.com
asparagus field, © ballensilage.com

RIGK / 23 March 2021
Nationwide collection of asparagus film starts in 2021

Press release / (Bad Homburg) The ERDE initiative (Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland: www.erderecycling.de) is offering a nationwide service for the collection of used asparagus film starting this year’s asparagus season. After corresponding pilot projects were successful in two asparagus growing regions in 2020, the asparagus film.. » read more

DURASTAR PLUS Duck Foot Share, © Pöttinger
DURASTAR PLUS Duck Foot Share, © Pöttinger

Pöttinger / 22 February 2021
New Wear Parts for Stubble Cultivators

Press release / (Grieskirchen / A) DURASTAR Narrow Share: Deep Soil Loosening – In the equipment range for soil-protecting and full-depth tillage Pöttinger offers the new DURASTAR narrow share. It is available for the 3- and 4-gang TERRIA trailed stubble cultivators and the SYNKRO mounted stubble cultivator. The new tool is 40 mm wide. Its elongated shape takes over the function of the guide plate so that no separate guide plate.. » read more

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